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Dampness In Walls
Damp on walls is often cause by a lack of Damp Proof Course (DPC), defective pointing on your brickwork, broken guttering or unsuitable cladding. It is vitally important that you find and cure the source of the damp.

Before your repaint the surface, you must ensure that it is fully dry. Shellac-based sealer can be used prior to repainting to reduce the risk of damp in the future.

Cracks in Plaster
Noticed a crack in a plastered wall? Most homes will suffer small cracks in plastering at some point or another, and they can be caused by either movement of the building, or simply because they have dried out.

Worried about cracks in your plastering? Give Daniel a call and he’ll be happy to help you out.

Condensation Control

The amount of water vapour that air can hold is limited. When this limit is reached the air is said to be saturated. Most condensation in buildings is caused by warm moist air coming in contact with cooler surfaces. In houses condensation is most likely to occur in kitchens and bathrooms. Some forms of heating generate large volumes of moisture vapour, paraffin stoves being the most notable.

Condensation is best prevented or controlled by providing good ventilation. Heating combined with good ventilation will reduce the problem. Special anti-condensation paints will provide short term relief, but painting alone will not cure the problem. Conditions within the building must be improved.

Measuring For Wallpaper
A useful little aid to help you arrive at the right number of rolls for wallpapering, is the interactive ‘How Much Do I Need’ calculation tool.
Flaking of Paint on Plaster and Masonry Surfaces

Could be due to a variety of causes. This could be moisture beneath the paint film or possibly paint has been applied to a greasy or powdery surface. Perhaps the paint was applied over a solvent based paint.

Scrape back to a firm edge all loose paint. Lightly sand the surface If the previous coating was a solvent-based paint or gloss finish then it will probably be necessary to repaint with a solvent-based paint again.

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